Vikasa Yoga Retreat in Thailand

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The Carry Your Om travel series continues this week to the Vikasa Yoga Retreat in Thailand.  

Koh Samui, Thailand

Vikasa Yoga Retreat is located on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, Thailand. Despite easy transportation to this locale, the island is virtually untouched by pollution and other man-made spoils.  Waterfalls, palm trees, white sand and blue water are just a few of the features that make this island the perfect yoga getaway.

Vikasa Yoga Resort

Vikasa prides itself on the simplicity of their retreat.  Guests can choose from an array of rooms and suites that aide one’s personal growth and experience, rather than focusing on material luxuries. From the ocean rooms to the yoga caves, Vikasa has what you need.

 At the Vikasa Life Café, guests are served authentic cuisine made from fresh, natural ingredients. Two award-winning chefs are the driving force behind the Café, and the view from the dining room makes the dining experience even better.

Yoga Classes and Retreats At Vikasa

When translated from Sanskrit, Vikasa means evolution.  The Vikasa Yoga Method is based off of this concept, gearing towards a focus on personal evolution and spiritual growth.  Guests can gain this experience through many different outlets at the retreat. Yoga classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced yogis are offered, as well as a Pilates class. They also offer personal programs so guests can customize their perfect Vikasa getaway.

Vikasa offers a wide range of retreats, teacher training, yoga specific vacations to suit beginners through well-experienced yogi, including an upcoming post-COVID 3-day program.  Most program packages include accommodation, meals, yoga, meditation, gym access, and mats/props...but of course bring your Carry Your Om Yoga Mat and Yoga Mat Bag!  

Health & Wellness Experiences

Aside from yoga, Vikasa’s Bliss Spa offers a wide range of spa exepriences to leave one feeling relaxed and renewed, including facials, sound therapy, and a variety of massage treatments.  Mind, health and intuitive healing services are also an option for a full Vikasa experience.

Thank you visiting Vikasa Yoga as part of the Carry Your Om yoga travel series.  We hope you include us wherever YOU Carry Your Om!

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