What is Carry Your Om and how is our yoga mat bag different from other bags on the market?

Carry Your Om’s yoga mat bag is a patent-pending design that incorporates a protective fabric liner into a zip-closure carrier system. The liner creates an interface between the top and bottom sides of mat during roll-up to reduce the transfer of dirt, dust, debris, etc.  

Help, the zippers on my mat bag won't line up!

We admit there is a little finesse to using this bag, but you will quickly get the hang of it!  The bag is designed with a snug fit to keep the mat from telescoping out when zipped.  If you find your zippers are not lining up once rolled, try again but move the bottom edge of the liner about 1 to 2" from the bottom of the mat and try again.  Always make sure when you place the liner over the mat that the bottom zipper of the exterior cover lays just above the upper edge of the yoga mat. 

How do I take care of my Carry Your Om yoga mat bag?

Our yoga mat bag is made of performance fabric with water repellant. Water repellant begins to slowly fade after 8-10 washes. For laundering, machine wash warm on normal cycle. Tumble dry normal on low heat. Do not bleach.  Do not dry clean. If ironing, use low setting.